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Here at RDC Restoration, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and high-quality products and services. Whether your carpets or upholstery need a seasonal cleaning or if you need emergency services due to damage or staining, we can help restore your floors and furniture to their original condition.

We provide 24HR Emergency Service, so we will always be here for you when you need us most. We are certified, knowledgeable, and experienced in a vast array of techniques. Restore your household’s well-being or the overall health of your employees by calling us today!

Contact RDC Restoration at the Following Locations:

Morris County Office: Gillette, NJ (908) 253-9000

Somerset County Office: Green Brook, NJ (732) 968-5941

Hunterdon County Office: Lebanon, NJ (908) 722-9144

Email: RDCCARPET@aol.com
Mail out to:
3577 US highway 22 East Branchburg, NJ 08876


  1. 7-28-2013

    Two weeks ago I was alarmed when my three year old held up a book from my basement and pointed at the moldy cover. There was mold all over her hands ad even her face. Warren, NJ was hit pretty bad by flooding and our basement was no exception. When went downstairs, in our storage room, every box was covered with specks of black mold. I felt like I could taste it in the air. I’ve heard horror stories of lung problems from mico-toxins and other bad things related to mold and spores in your house. We had to rip out and replace the floor and the bottom section of the walls, but since it’s been done, I feel like the air is much cleaner to breathe and I’m not worried anymore. It was a big hassle overall, but I must say, that RDC Restoration really came through for us in a hurry. They did the whole job in a matter of hours, and cleaned up so well, that it was like the whole thing never had happened. The only sad thing is that we had to throw out some moldy photos that were irreplaceable.

  2. 8-1-2013

    New Equipment allows RDC Restoration to Dry Out a Pipe Burst in Custom Kitchen in Watchung, NJ

    RDC had the pleasure this past week to clean and dry up a flood in the heart of Somerset County. RDC was called out to Watchung, NJ to restore a custom kitchen that had a pipe burst behind the cabinets. RDC was able to remove any unrepairable damaged materials and dry out everything else with fans and dehumidifiers. When a customer puts their heart into building something custom like a kitchen which they spend so much time in, we want to ensure that area is restored to its original looks and function as quickly and effectively as possible. To do this RDC Is continuing their investment in new equipment such as desiccant dehumidifiers. We have the latest technologies in drying equipment allowing us to have the upper hand in properly drying and restoring homes and commercial places. Call RDC Restoration for any water damage restoration needs you might encounter at (908) 253-9000 or email waterfiremoldusa@gmail.com

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