Signs you have a mold problem

Top Signs You Have a Mold Problem


  1. 7-18-2013

    Mold thrives in heat and humidity and its no surprise that it can become an issue in the summer time with the heat wave we are currently experiencing. Any home that has suffered some type of water damage or flooding can be susceptible if it was not properly remediated. When someone experiences a flood in their home they need to find the source of the flood first. RDC Restoration of Berkeley Heights, NJ has seen homes and businesses that have “cleaned up” floods however they have not properly fixed the source of the water.

    Russell the owner of RDC Restoration being highly qualified can come out and observe any New Jersey property that has an issue with water or flooding and by using his high tech equipment and moisture meters Russell can determine where the water is coming from and figure how the problem can be corrected. RDC Water Damage Restoration has trained technicians who can mitigate a flood and completely dry out the water with their high tech dehumidifiers and fans that can even be directed underneath a carpet or flooring and inside of walls to prevent costly repairs. RDC has seen many different flood situations, not only from inclement weather but from poorly routed gutters causing water to get into a home, from appliances being improperly hooked up, from broken pipes, from sewage backups and the list goes on. RDC not only wants their clients to have their water removed from their home they primarily want to prevent any issue with mold.

    Mold can cause illness and adverse health effects on especially children and the elderly. Thats why with summer temperatures almost reaching triple digits right now it is so important for a home that has suffered a flood to be inspected for mold. If the flood was never properly dryer out mold will grow. Mold testing is also something that RDC Restoration can do. RDC will test the area of concern and then take a control sample of the outside air. The air in a home should never have more elevated mold spores than the air outside. A mold test from RDC will tell you exactly which types of mold are present in the air you are breathing and whether you have any dangerous molds lurking in your air. Contact RDC in NJ (908) 253-9000

  2. 7-25-2013

    Mold remediation can be something to look into if a health problem persists in your for you or your family while in home or workspace. RDC Restoration LLC of Central NJ is a leader in the industry when it comes to properly remediating mold. RDC spends hundreds of dollars and hours on continuing the education of their employees on proper protocol for containing and preventing mold growth. Mold spores are known to be related to allergy and lung problems, headaches, and may even contribute to the forming of certain cancers as it has been found to affect ones immune system. Mold certainly can be found outside and is everywhere in our outdoor environment however indoors it could be risky to live amongst. RDC can come out and preform air quality tests that determine if your mold spores in your living space are elevated, our tests show exactly what type of mold is growing and these are performed at lab. If your New Jersey commercial property or residence does have an overgrowth of mold spores RDC is happy to provide a free estimate where they will help stop the moisture issue and and remediate the mold. RDC recently moved their offices to Berkley Heights, NJ therefore they are central to most major counties such as Union, Morris, Essex, Somerset and Hunterdon Counties in NJ. Please call today for a mold consultatiuon if RDC Can be of service.

  3. 8-14-2013

    Mold can be an issue anywhere that collects moisture. However the bathroom is a place that repeatedly gets wet and often it’s a warmer water creating the moisture which creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. In New Jersey after the recent hurricane and now common flash floods and freak storms moisture that results in mold is in more places than you would expect. In Somerset County RDC recently encountered a customer in Hillsborough that had a mold issue in their backsplash behind their bathroom vanity. It was hidden however the mold spire counts were very high according to the mold inspection report thus making it a danger to their family who happens to also deal with allergies. RDC should be your first call if you are in need of a mold test or inspection. (908) 253-9000.

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