Conquering Pet Odors and Stains in New Jersey

Pet Odor and Stain Removal serving all of NJ
RDC Carpet Cleaning & Restoration experts know how to deal with pet odors and stains that may accumulate over time even in homes with well trained and house broken pets. We start with a ultraviolet (UV) light inspection on one section of carpet at a time. The process may require a sub-flood extraction to gauge the seriousness of the problem and how to treat it. RDC carpet cleaning experts in New Jersey are armed with the know-how, equipment and eco-friendly methods to get right to the source of complex odor problems, reducing them to a fading memory. Not all pet-related carpet problems are the same, ranging from occasional surface-of-the-carpet accidents to deep penetrating odors and stains. The latter may require bringing the whole carpet up for thorough cleaning, removing the pad beneath and sealing the sub-floor. A new pad may have to be installed, tack strips replaced and the newly-cleaned carpet reinstalled.

NJ Carpet Stain Removal

Stains are removed, with odors neutralized and harmful germs zapped in carpets or household upholstery. Bacteria that cause odors require antibacterial deodorizing, assuring clean and fresh smelling carpet and upholstery. Eco-fresh and subtle scents like citrus, lavender and vanilla are provided compliments of the matrix deodorizer preferred in our process.

NJ Pet Odor Removal and Carpet Stain Removal Serving all of New Jersey