NJ Toxic Black Mold Testing | New Jersey

NJ Toxic Black Mold Testing | New Jersey

New Jersey Black Mold Testing & Inspection

NJ Toxic Black Mold Testing— Important in New Jersey
Toxic black mold may sound like an alien invader, but it is prevalent in New Jersey and wherever there is moisture. That makes NJ black mold testing, often overlooked, a significant service that protects the health of those in your household or business. The bottom line is you can’t get rid of mold until you find the source of the moisture. Then, to remove the mold growth and keep the spores away, you should rely on a professional process to clean, destroy and disinfect. It is critical to find the water source and make sure the moisture stays away.

Certified Nationally for Toxic Black Mold Testing

Anyone can claim to be an expert in this field, but RDC Restoration has the certification to prove it. That comes from N.O.R.M.I., the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, which oversees what it calls “a cooperative network of first-responders in the war against indoor air quality and mold problems.” With RDC’s response comes testing for toxic black mold, mildew, bacterial contamination and indoor air quality. For starters, we’ll contain mold contamination and keep it from spreading to unaffected areas. Then we’ll get rid of toxic black mold and keep it from coming back. We follow industry standard protocols for decontamination and remediation, and we’ll sit down with you to explain them and develop remedies and prevention strategies for your residential or commercial property.

Hire a Toxic Black Mold Testing Professional in NJ

Mold will not only destroy whatever it grows on, but it will spread and cause additional damage to your property. You can’t afford not to call in the damage restoration professions at RDC, not only for the sake of your property but your health.


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