NJ Area Rug Cleaning: Your Place or Ours

Area Rug Cleaning serving all of New Jersey

When it comes to caring for your rug, RDC Carpet Cleaning & Restoration will either take it or leave it. Our rug-cleaning experts will take it with them for in-plant cleaning or they’ll come to you, wherever you want to leave it, for in-home rug cleaning. No rug is too fancy or too plain for RDC. For maximum soil and spot removal, we recommend our in-plant service, with its multiple treatments, as the most thorough cleaning process you will find in New Jersey. Give RDC a call and we’ll pick it up and take it to our specially equipped plant where it will undergo a deep cleaning, controlled drying process. When it comes to rug cleaning, we always handle with care, whether you decide to have us take it with us or leave it at your home.
To get the longest life and the most even wear from your rug, we recommend you rotate as often as every six months and as infrequently as two years, depending on the traffic. Oriental rugs, like most carpeting, should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and restore life to the fibers. Special care should be taken with the fringe when vacuuming, and we recommend using the end of a canister vacuum hose for that job. A quality pad under your rug will protect it from wear, tear and slippage.

NJ Area Rug Cleaning Services